Soup - Italian Chicken Quinoa 

Healthier than chicken noodle, however, you could still make this a noodle soup instead!

~Simmer until chicken breaks apart and quinoa is as done as you like it. I like the quinoa to just barely lose its shape.

~I like to just barely warm this soup for leftovers because I don't like overcooked quinoa.

~If I want to make this for the freezer I would take it out before adding quinoa. Then add quinoa after taking it from the freezer. Maybe just cook my quinoa separately.
~Prep 2 lb chicken: generously salt boneless chicken and cut it across the grain so that when you shred it you don't have long strings of meat. Set aside several hours or whatever time you have left.

~In 8qt pot saute:
in olive oil.

~If nobody objects to a little flour to give soup body and texture then do this:
add enough oil to whisk together a nice paste with 1/2 cup white flour. Cook until it is golden - this really builds flavor.

~Stir in:
2 qts chicken broth (bone broth from my freezer).
Heat and stir until it is nicely thickened a bit.

~Stir in:
1 c dry quinoa
return the soup to a happy simmer.

raw prepared chicken - it will cook beautifully in your soup.
diced zucchini
1 pint my roasted tomatoes
bay leaves
thyme - fresh or dried
fresh basil
fresh rosemary

~Choose a greens:
kale - salted and massaged
spinach - washed and chopped small
italian parsley

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