Pasta - Spaghetti for a crowd - just notes 

200 servings! After making this I am increasing the sauce to 3/4 c per person.

Noodles each serving: 2 oz dry
8 servings: 1 lb
48 servings: 6 lb
96 servings: 12 lb
192 servings: 24 lb
200 servings: 25 lb (but did 26 to keep serving equal.

Boil 2 lb pasta in 12 qt pot with 2 T salt. Using salad spinner immerse hot pasta in cold water. Spin it to drain well. Keep in a 1 gallon plastic bag.  Need 13 bags for 26 lb.

Serve 1 bag (2 lb noodles) and 12 c (3 qts) sauce in two inch hotel pan to serve 16 each hotel pan. Will use 13 hotel pans full to serve 200. We have 3 pans so we'll fill them 4+ times.

Scoop sauce out with a 1 qt measure pitcher. Towards the end of the pan put sauce into the next pan so it is still hot. Then put sauce from crock pot into second hotel pan as it is getting empty. That way it will all be hot.

To lightly warm noodles, put snugly into a cooler with zip tops at the top. Fill half or more with hot water from the tap. Let sit  an hour or so. It would be better to rewarm the water, but this was not possible this time.

*Brown rice noodles do not reheat well. Use wheat noodles for the best results!
Sauce each serving: 3/4 c (6 oz)
50 servings:  37.5 c (9.375 qts) (300 oz)
100 servings: 75 c (18.75 qts) (600 oz)
200 servings:  150 c (37.5 quarts) (1200 oz)

Basic recipe: 1 lb meat to 1 #10 can makes about 7 cups sauce.
15 recipes makes 105 cups.
So I need 15 lb ground beef and 15 cans tomatoes. Actually 4 #10 cans with 4 little cans of tomato paste and 5 lb meat made almost 10 qts sauce. So it looks like I'll need 12 cans, not 15.

Add pressed garlic after the sauce is done. It will cook a bit with the reheat and you won't need to press quite as much.

I reheated 2 four inch hotel pans in one oven at convection 400*. It took 2 hours to reach 180*. After 4 hours out of the oven it was still 130*, so if you don't have access to a warmer, you can still serve spaghetti.

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