Artisan - High Hydration Loaves Mix two or three loaves by hand or mix 4-6 loaves in the mixer. This has large air pockets with a moist crumb and a crispy crust. 
Artisan - Whole Wheat Slow risen crispy crust round loaves with a satisfying chew and a rich nutty flavor. 
Bagels Not as hard as they sound. Makes 20 full size bagels or nearly 40 - 3 oz bagels which bake on two baking sheets. 
Biscuits Make these as cinnamon sugar rolls! Or make them big squares for egg sandwiches. 
Biscuits - for biscuits and gravy Makes 16 large square biscuits or 32 triangles. 
Bread Basket Rolls Easy to handle dough. Nothing fancy, just good rolls! 
Buns or light white sandwich bread Quick with commercial yeast and using sourdough for flavor. Easy to make dairy free for your friends. 
Chocolate Cake We'll see! Making 1 9x13 cake, but I'm pretty sure I'll soon want to double this recipe. 
Chocolate Focaccia Like a bready brownie with a nice chew. 
Ciabatta - slow rising Made without any commercial yeast, these loaves are full of flavor. 
Ciabatta Rolls White flour with a crusty exterior but soft inside. Perfect for Hot melty sandwiches. 
Cinnamon Bread A thick rich raisin and cinnamon swirl amid whole wheat bread! 
Cinnamon Rolls This is my choice cinnamon roll recipe, currently. Light enough, not too sweet, balanced for all my cinnamon roll aficionados. I am making 24 individual rolls in large muffin papers, but baked on the 2/3 sheet pan. 
Elephant Ears Sourdough version so it is packed with flavor and fried in coconut oil it is healthy enough to eat lots! 
Everyday Loaves - Crusty Artisan Basic recipe is 4 loaves - 96 oz dough. BUT also included is 5 larger loaves - 144 oz - 9 lb dough. Baked in perforated french bread pans, 4 or 5 loaves in one baking! OR baked as rounds on the stone, or back of baking sheet. 
Everyday Loaves - Softer texture French Taken from the Everyday loaves, Everyday good simple bread. I added all-purpose flour and it changed the texture more than I expected. These are lighter with less 'chew'. 
Flatbread Simple mix without a long rise. Quickly and easily baked on a stone. Makes 10 flatbreads. 
Focaccia - Also for sheet pan pizza Rise overnight and use the next day. 
Fruit Cobbler - Coffeecake topped Made in a 12 inch cast iron skillet - quick for breakfast. 
Fry Bread - Quick Quick to mix and quick to fry. Makes great sandwiches. This sourdough version is still under trial! 
Hamburger Buns Can use commercial yeast, or not if your starter is very active. These are light but will lick up all the juices from your patty. 
Hot Dog Buns/Hoagie Rolls Using commercial yeast, these are fluffy so the hot dog sinks into the bun properly! Sourdough is added for flavor. 
Mom's really big pancakes This is an overnight sourdough recipe which makes thinner pancakes which are spongy and springy. I make them in a 12 inch carbon-steel pan so they are big! 
Mother Starter This is a stiff starter. It is a 1:3 ratio, starter to flour. It has the same feel as a final dough. I find it easy to use and especially easy to keep in the fridge.This is 70% hydration. Also I use half all purpose white flour and half whole wheat bread flour. 
Muffins - Orange Date Uses a whole orange or mandarin orange and fresh or dried dates! 
Muffins or Coffee Cake Use your extra mother starter in this quick mix bread. This recipe does not use an overnight hydration. 
Muffins or Coffee Cake - Hydrated This recipe can ferment for 8-12 hours or just allow time to rest as you mix it together. Either way, the flour hydrates with the milk and starter. 
Multigrain Artisan Two loaves, no commercial yeast. 
Pizza Mix it in the morning and use it for dinner! Yet still has great sourdough taste. 
Pizza - Cheesy Skillet Pan Pizza Uses your sourdough starter, even older tired starter. Mixes by hand in a bowl, in case I already have dough in the mixer and extra starter on hand. 
Pumpkin Loaf An artisan style pumpkin bread. Not as pumpkin tasting as a quick bread, but will bring a smile and satisfied sigh in the fall! 
Rye - Basic Rye Try it with all sorts of sandwiches! If you don't put in the caraway seeds it is a mild rich loaf. 
Rye - Dark Rye A dark rye bread. Good with beer and cheddar cheese! 
Sandwich Bread - White Soft and chewy extremely flavorful sandwich bread. Slice it thin for sandwiches, though. Makes 11 lb bread dough! SIX 32 oz loaves. 
Sandwich Bread - White small batch Just enough to mix by hand. Make with milk for a treat. 
Sandwich Bread - Whole Wheat Big batch to fill the bosch mixer - 8 1/2 lb dough. Nice sourdough and wheat taste but light texture. All my loaves keep a week on the counter. A good go-to for hearty soup or PBJ. 
Soft White Rolls and Burger Rolls Made without commercial yeast. If you must form the rolls and refrigerate, they will be more sour than if you can accomplish the recipe all in one day. 
Spinach or Tomato Slab - biscuit base Veggies and cheese across a biscuit dough. Also a sourdough recipe. 
Spinach or Tomato Slab - muffin base A savory cake loaded with veggies. This version uses sourdough starter. 
Waffles Bake in the waffle iron then allow a short stay in a warm oven for the most crispy waffles, yet with a moist flavorful insides. 

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