Rye - Basic Rye 

Try it with all sorts of sandwiches! If you don't put in the caraway seeds it is a mild rich loaf.

In bosch mixer combine:
56 oz warm water
8 oz starter
4 oz honey
16 oz rye flour
60 oz white artisan bread flour
2 T salt
4 T caraway seeds (optional)

Mix until a shaggy dough forms.
Rest 30 minutes.

Knead until a smooth dough forms.
Put out onto moist counter and stretch and fold until the dough is springy. It will remain quite tacky. Rest and fold as necessary.

Rise in 2 gal jar until doubled. Could be 4-6 hours.

Divide into 4 loaves - 36 oz each loaf.
Fold and tuck into tight rounds. Rise in dry floured cloth covered bowls 30-45 minutes until puffy.

Turn out onto parchment squares and place on large 2/3 size baking sheet. Spray well with water, wait 5 min and spray again. Score and bake with steam at convection bake 400* 40-50 minutes.

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