WW Sandwich 

Bigger batch light whole wheat goodness.

In bosch mixer with the dough hook combine:
35 oz freshly mixed sourdough starter
1/2 c unsalted butter
4 oz honey
4 eggs
34 oz warm water
70 oz whole wheat bread flour
3 T salt
Mix until shaggy. Let rest 1 hour. (autolyse)

1/4 c yeast [+ 1 T for added lightness]
Knead with lid off, resting and kneading until smooth dough forms.

Turn out onto moist counter and stretch and fold with the bench scraper. Rest 5-10 min and stretch again. Continue to rest and stretch until it stands up in a ball. (Not because it is a stiff dough but because you've worked the gluten. It should be springy.)

Rise in 2 gal jar until almost doubled, about 40-90 minutes.

Shape into SIX 10x4.5 inch pans - 25 oz each.
OR FOUR commercial long loaves - 38 oz each.

Rise 1-2 hours until full and puffy.

Preheat to 500*. Score tops, spray with water, bake at convection bake 375* with steam 45-60 minutes until golden and 200* internal temperature.

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