Soft White Rolls and Burger Rolls 

Made without commercial yeast. If you must form the rolls and refrigerate, they will be more sour than if you can accomplish the recipe all in one day.

~Preheat oven to 500*. Brush tops with 1 egg with a splash of water mixed in. Bake on convection bake 375* 25-40 minutes.

Rolls will last 2-3 days on counter in plastic.

~Use the plastic disc under the kneading hooks because you really have to knead this dough a long time and a lot of dough goes down the shaft.
~In bosch mixer, use the plastic disc to keep the dough from going down the shaft, combine:
6 T unsalted butter
24 oz warmed milk
6 oz warmed water
24 oz active starter
3 eggs
1/3 c sugar

42 oz white artisan bread flour
6 oz whole wheat bread flour (This is just for the little flecks of wheat which will be pretty!)
1 heaping T salt

~Mix 1 minute. Cover and let rest:
*30 minutes.

Knead about 5 minutes on #1 and 3-5 minutes on #2 until it is shiny and smooth, and cleans the bowl. Stop and scrape sides often. Be sure to knead long enough. These signs will happen!

Rise in 2 gallon glass jar:
*4-8 hours
until nearly doubled. The jar is good because you can write on it to see that the dough is still rising.

~Gently turn out on floured counter and divide dough:
1 8x8 pan for tear and share rolls - 32 oz for 9 rolls (3.5 oz each).
1 half sheet pan for free form rolls - 76 oz for 15 rolls (5 oz each) Flatten into disks for burger or sandwich rolls.


2 9x13 pans share and tear rolls - 108 oz (15 rolls each pan - 3.6 oz each roll.)

~Gently flatten weighed dough into rectangles and cut with bench scraper into roll size. Gather the ends, flip over and cup gently and stretch into a tight ball. Place in or on pans.

~hamburger buns 4 oz each
~hotdog buns 3.4 oz each 32 total DO NOT fit on 2/3 sheet pan.

Cover with wet towel and let rest until puffy but not risen more:
*20-60 minutes.

~OR cover with lightly oiled plastic wrap and chill *overnight. Return to room temp and let rise until puffy but not fully risen.

*6-10 hours if baking in one day. Then allow another 30 minutes to cool before eating.

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