Made without commercial yeast. Not as hard as they sound. This is a large recipe for my bosch mixer. Makes 20 full size bagels! You could probably make 40 - 3 oz bagels on two baking sheets!

~Bring medium size pot of water to a boil and add 1 oz honey. Preheat oven to bake 500*.

~Boil 2-3 bagels 30 seconds each side. They will float and form a thin crust. Transfer to rack to drain then back to the baking sheet pan using slotted spoon.

~Bake at convection bake 400* 20-25 minutes. They should be puffed, light golden brown and feel light to the touch.
~In bosch mixer combine:
30 oz warm water
18 oz active starter
1/3 c sugar
54 oz white artisan bread flour
1 T + 2 t salt
2 T cinnamon (if using)

Dough should be stiff. Mix to combine. Cover and let rest: *1 hour

~While dough rests, soak 12 oz raisins in just a bit of hot water to soften them. Drain very thoroughly before using.

Knead again just briefly into a semi-smooth dough.

~If making cinnamon raisin bagels, work raisins into dough by hand on the counter at this point. They just won't combine in the mixer, and they break apart.

~Rise: *4-6 hours at room temperature in 2 gallon jar, just until dough is nearly doubled.

~Gently turn out onto floured counter and shape into a rectangle with light fingertips. Divide with bench scraper into 20 pieces:  5-6 oz each for full sized bagels.

Gather the ends lightly like a dumpling. Gently tuck and stretch into tight balls. Let rest on oiled 2/3 size sheet pan while you shape the rest. Then come back to the ones you did first to form into bagels.

Poke through the center and with your index fingers roll it to stretch the opening to an inch and a half (it will shrink back when you put it in the sheet but that's OK). Cover with wet bread towel and rest 15-20 minutes. Dough should puff up only slightly.

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