Everyday Loaves - Softer texture French 

Taken from the Everyday loaves, I added all-purpose flour and it changed the texture more than I expected. These are lighter with less 'chew'.

Makes FIVE 29 oz loaves
In bosch mixer mix:
10 oz starter
57 oz warm water
25 oz whole wheat bread flour
25 oz all-purpose white flour
31 oz white artisan bread flour
2.25 oz salt

Knead briefly allowing some time to rest until all flour is incorporated well.

Rest 1 hour.

Mix in 1 t active dry yeast.

Knead briefly, give another 5 min rest, knead briefly again until the dough is smooth. Take out to a damp counter and stretch and fold with bench scraper. Rest again 5-10 minutes and fold again, as many times as necessary, until dough stands up in almost a ball and is very smooth and stretchy.

Let rise in 2 gal jar. Usually takes 2-4 hours until fully double. It will fill the 2 gal jar.

Before dividing the dough, gently remove from rising jar and gently fold the dough so it is evenly dispersed, top and bottom of rising container. The bottom seems to be softer and more sticky. Use the bench scraper on a lightly floured surface to fold again.

Divide and form into 5 loaves - 29 oz each.

Second rise is shorter: 30-90 minutes until it looks puffy.

Score, spray with water, bake with steam. Preheat to 500* but bake at convection bake 400* 40-50 minutes until browned and internal temp is 200*.

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