Focaccia - Also for sheet pan pizza 

This recipe has no commercial yeast.

~For 2/3 sheet pan pizza top with:
1 lb mozzarella (put it down first so toppings don't make bread soggy)
1 lb meat
Spoon roasted tomatoes on the top (again so it doesn't make bread soggy)
*To reiterate saute toppings like ham and pineapple to remove moisture. Otherwise they will make a soggy bottom for this big beautiful pizza!

To bake this big pizza fit another sheet pan over the top so the bread can bake without the toppings overbaking. And bake on bottom rack. Bake at convection roast 400* 25 minutes with the cover on. Then 15 minutes uncovered until bottom is crispy.

When it is done use pizza peel to remove it to a rack to cool to keep the bread from being soggy!
In large glass bowl mix:
4 oz starter
28 oz water (warm if you want it to rise in one day, cool if you want to rise overnight)
1 oz honey
35 oz all purpose flour
1 T salt
Mix into a very sticky dough, but dry enough to be a dough, not a batter.

Cover and rise 12-18 hours. It will come near the top of the 5 qt bowl.

Coat baking sheet well with oil (3 T for 1/2 sheet pan) (1/4 c for 2/3 sheet pan) However, don't put too much oil on either. Pour dough onto sheet pan and use hands to oil the top of the dough and dimple all over as you move it to the edges. Even the big 2/3 sheet pan will be covered with the dough. Cover with a matching baking sheet and let rest for 1 1/2 to 2 hours until puffy and bubbly.

Top with whatever and bake 25-30 minutes at convection roast 400*.

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