Buns or light white sandwich bread 

Quick with commercial yeast and using sourdough for flavor. Easy to make dairy free for your friends.

Makes 108 oz - 6 3/4 lb
~Combine in bosch mixer with dough hook:
32 oz warm water
4 oz sunflower oil OR 1 stick butter
1/4 c sugar
10 oz starter

Mix in:
56 oz white all-purpose flour
2 T salt
Mix until it cleans the sides of the bowl and is a cohesive ball.
Rest 30 minutes.

1 oz yeast
Knead and rest, and knead again, until it is smooth and completely cleans the bowl.

Turn out onto damp counter and stretch and fold - rest an do it again - until it is strong but soft and springy. (Use a clean spray bottle to keep dough moist.)

Rise in two 1 gallon jars, 54 oz each (so you can watch it accurately) 30 - 60 minutes until doubled. Watch out! This rises very fast. Be ready to form the buns.

Form quickly into:
32 buns (3.5 oz each) on TWO lightly oiled 2/3 sheet pans.
OR 40 buns (2.8 oz each)
OR 48 buns (2.2 oz each)

I used half this recipe - 54 oz to make :
5 - 11 oz small pan loaves.
15 - 3.6 oz hamburger buns
20 - 2.8 oz hot dog buns or small hoagies.

All 108 oz made 4 - 27 oz commercial size loaves.

Cover with wet bread towel and rise formed rolls 20-40 minutes until well rounded and full looking.

~Very gently place a second large baking sheet over the wet towel to encourage the hot dog or hamburger buns to rise wide rather than high!

Mist with water THEN mist again 5 minutes later. Bake both sheets 20-25 minutes at convection bake 350* until golden brown and 190* - 200* internally.

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