Spinach or Tomato Slab - biscuit base 

Veggies and cheese across a biscuit dough. Also a sourdough recipe.

~Make the biscuit dough
In food processor with blade combine:
8 oz whole wheat pastry flour
1 T baking powder
1 t salt
2 sticks unsalted butter, cold

Turn into mixing bowl and mix gently:
*16 oz sourdough starter (doesn't need to be very freshly mixed, but not too tired either)
Press and fold and rest until dough is cohesive.

*If I only have my stiff starter make it this way:
10 oz stiff starter
5 oz warm milk to soften the starter
then proceed the same way.

~Roll out and place on half-sheet pan, or two 9x13 pans if you want more edges.

~Spread some veggies across the top:
-sauteed or roasted spinach and onion
-tomato, peppers and onion
-1/2 lb small diced cheddar cheese cubes

~Bake at convection bake 400* about 15 minutes until browned.

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