Multigrain Artisan 

Two loaves, no commercial yeast.

In large glass bowl combine:
4 oz starter
24 oz warm water
2 oz honey
10 oz whole wheat bread flour
12 oz white all purpose flour
12 oz white bread flour
1 heaping T salt
Stir into a rough shaggy dough but without any dry patches. Cover and rest 1 hour.

~Soak for 1 hour
8 oz hot cereal type grains in
8 oz hot water

~Work the grains into the dough.

~About 30 minutes into the bulk rise, fold dough. Then 2-3 more times 45 min apart. Rise 6-8 hours till double.

Divide into two loaves. Shape into a round and bench rest 5-10 minutes. Tighten and rise in dry floured cloth covered bowls 30-60 min until puffy.

Preheat to 500* but bake at convection bake 400*. Score and bake on stone on parchment 40-50 minutes.

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