Elephant Ears 

Sourdough version so it is packed with flavor and fried in coconut oil it is healthy enough to eat lots!

If you want these a little quicker warm the milk to about 95*.

Recipe still in trial but worth the effort.
In large glass bowl mix:
8 oz starter
8 oz milk
8 oz water
20 oz white all purpose flour
Stir until smooth, allowing rest times while the flour hydrates. Let rest 20 minutes then work in:
1/4 c unsalted butter
1 t salt

Let rise overnight or until almost doubled.

Work in:
1 t soda
Let rest to distribute.

Divide into 14 lumps and let relax until you can stretch and roll it into thin disks.

Fry in about an inch of coconut oil in the cast iron pan. Flip when the first side is very done.

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