Mix it in the morning and use it for dinner! Yet still has great sourdough taste. I am also baking this on TWO huge 2/3 size sheet pans. Who doesn't want left-over pizza?

Rise 2-4 hours until it is almost doubled.

Cover the sheet pans with parchment so you can slide the finished pizza onto a board to cut it. You don't want to cut your baking sheets.

Drizzle with olive oil and stretch dough into the pans.

Spray dough with water as it relaxes so you can stretch it.

Rise again until puffy, stretching gently to the edges.

Preheat oven to 500*. Spray with water and bake crusts one at a time at 450* 8-10 minutes until it is set and not fragile anymore.

Keep for later or continue to add sauce and wetter toppings. Bake 10 min or so. This helps them reduce and condense the flavors before you 'seal them up' with cheese. Be careful, I think very thin sliced meats will burn easily. Top with cheese and return until spotty browned.

Let sit to bring the cheese together before slicing.
~Use fed or unfed sourdough starter! Really!
In bosch with dough hooks mix:
24 oz sourdough starter
18 oz very warm water
1 heaping t yeast
30 oz white artisan bread flour (or all-purpose)
1 T salt

Mix until a rough dough forms.
Rest 5 minutes.
Mix until smooth and soft but not unbearably sticky.

Divide into two for TWO large 2/3 sheet size pans. Or divide into three for THREE 1/2 sheet sized pans.

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