Mother Starter 

This is a stiff starter. It is a 1:3 ratio, starter to flour. It has the same feel as a final dough. I find it easy to use and especially easy to keep in the fridge.This is 70% hydration. Also I use half all purpose white flour and half whole wheat bread flour.

1 oz mother starter
3 oz flour (I am using 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 white all-purpose)
2.25 oz water
Makes ~6 oz starter

2 oz starter
6 oz flour
4.5 oz water
Makes ~12 oz starter

3 oz starter
9 oz flour
6.75 oz water
Makes ~ 18 oz

4 oz starter
12 oz flour
9 oz water
Makes ~ 25 oz

6 oz starter
18 oz flour
13.5 oz water
Makes ~ 37 oz

16 oz starter
48 oz flour (24 white, 24 WW)
34 oz water
Makes ~ 98 oz

4 oz starter
4 oz flour
4 oz water
This is 1:1:1
In mixer bowl or just by hand combine:
filtered but warmed (to ~95*) water
measured starter

Mix all together.
Knead 5 minutes on speed #1 until it makes a strong dough. OR just mix and fold with silicone scraper. This also will form a strong dough.

Take out and form into a ball with wet hands. OR take out and knead into a ball on lightly floured counter. OR just fold it right in the bowl.

Cover loosely with wet bread towel.

Leave at room temperature 4-8 hours until it doubles. When it was new, and in the winter it took more like 12-14 hours.

I also like to do a fold right in the bowl with a silicone scraper as it rises. You will see the starter ball up and be full of air. Very fun!

Degas by stirring or kneading after it has doubled.

Use this starter immediately or store for later.

Put it in a jar and keep in refrigerator for up to about 4-5 days, in which it is a finished starter ready to be mixed into a final dough. It should still have bubbles and be a pleasant feeling dough. If not, mix it into a fresh starter.

Use as fresh mixed for only 3 days to be reliable. If it has sat too long, mix a small amount, then mix again for a freshly mixed active starter for bread.

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