Sandwich Bread - White small batch 

Just enough to mix by hand. Make with milk for a treat.

In large bowl combine:
32 oz warm water OR
any combo with warm milk
8 oz starter
1/4 c sugar OR
3 oz honey
2 oz sunflower oil OR
2 oz butter
Let soften just a minute.

10 oz all-purpose flour
10 oz whole wheat bread flour
1 T + 2 t salt
Mix until smooth batter forms. Add in increments:
30 oz artisan white bread flour
Knead until mixed but still shaggy. Should be a little bit of a stiff dough. (Sandwich breads are a little stiffer.)

Rest 1 hour.
Feel free to stretch and fold in the bowl while it rests though.

Stir by stretching and folding in the bowl until it makes a perky ball.

Rise overnight 10-12 hours.

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