Hot Dog Buns/Hoagie Rolls 

Using commercial yeast, these are fluffy so the hot dog sinks into the bun properly! Sourdough is added for flavor.

Mist with water THEN mist again 5 minutes later. Bake both sheets 20-25 minutes at convection bake 350* until golden brown and 190* - 200* internally.
~Combine in bosch mixer with dough hook:
8 oz boiling water (to warm the milk up)
32 oz milk (If using half whey, half milk; add extra 1/4 c flour)
1/2 c (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature
1/4 c sugar
15-16 oz starter

Mix in:
56 oz white all-purpose flour
2 T salt
Rest 20-30 minutes after it is a shaggy mixed ball.

1 oz yeast
Knead until smooth and completely cleans the bowl.

Turn out onto moist counter and stretch and fold to make sure it is strong and soft and springy.

Rise 30 - 60 minutes until nearly doubled. Watch out! This rises very fast. Be ready to form the buns.

Form quickly into:
32 hot dog buns (3.5 oz each) on TWO lightly oiled 2/3 sheet pans.

Cover with wet bread towel and rise formed rolls 15-30 minutes until well rounded and full looking.

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