Everyday Loaves 

Makes 96 oz dough - 6 lb.

Divide and form into 4 loaves - 24 oz each loaf.

This recipe was good formed into batards, risen and baked on my perforated pans using parchment.

Second rise is shorter: 30-60 minutes until it looks puffy.

Score, spray with water, bake with steam. Preheat to 500* but bake at convection bake 400* 40-50 minutes.
In large bowl mix:
6 oz starter
38 oz warm water
until softened well.

Stir in:
54 oz white artisan bread flour
1.5 oz salt (2 heaping T)
Stir and fold allowing some time to rest until all flour is incorporated well.

Cover and let rest 30 minutes. Then stir and fold until it becomes a fairly smooth ball. Let rise.

*Allow the dough to almost double, not quite fully double. I am having problems keeping its energy through the oven spring. Sitting in a warm spot it doubled in 6 hours. But it could take 8-10 hours. Before dividing the dough, gently remove from rising jar and gently fold the dough so it is evenly dispersed, top and bottom of rising container. The bottom seems to be softer and more sticky.

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