Sandwich Bread - White 

Soft and chewy extremely flavorful sandwich bread. Slice it thin for sandwiches, though. Makes 11 lb bread dough! SIX 32 oz loaves.

* Can use milk and butter in this recipe.

*For more wheat presence:
50 oz whole wheat bread flour
24 oz all-purpose white flour
24 oz artisan white flour
don't forget the salt
and add 1 T (1/2 oz) yeast after resting.
In bosch mixer combine:
62 oz warm water
16 oz starter
1/2 c sugar OR 6 oz honey
3 oz sunflower oil OR 4 oz unsalted butter
Let soften just a minute.

20 oz all-purpose flour
20 oz whole wheat bread flour
3 full T salt
Mix until smooth batter forms because is a BIG mix for the bosch. Add in increments:
60 oz artisan white bread flour
Knead until mixed but still shaggy. Should be a little bit of a stiff dough, and it cleans the side of the bowl. (Sandwich breads are a little stiffer.)

Rest 1 hour.
*Add 1 t - 1 T (1/2 oz) active dry yeast if desired to lighten the crumb.

Knead again LID OFF until smooth and uniform. Rest and knead.

Turn out onto moist counter and stretch and fold with the bench scraper. Rest 5-10 min and stretch again. Continue to rest and stretch until it stands up in a ball. (Not because it is a stiff dough but because you've worked the gluten. It should be springy.)

Rise in 2 gal jar or TWO large bowls (92 oz each), which is easier to divide when it has risen and is more fragile.  It fits into the 5 qt bowl but not the 4 qt bowl - it comes out the top and dries out. Make sure it is very moist as it rises. Overnight works well, as does making in the afternoon and refrigerating overnight.

On a very lightly floured counter, gently remove dough, fold gently but firmly, divide and shape into loaves:
6 bread pans - 32 oz loaves.
OR 4 commercial size - 46 oz loaves!

Cover with damp towel and rise 2-4 hours until it has filled the pans and had a good rest. (They will crown in the oven.) Spray often with water to keep the top moist (not too wet). You don't want the bread to form a crust too soon as it oven springs.

~Bread can crack and be rough on the top because it hasn't had a long enough rest/rise in the pans. It can also crack because I left too many air bubbles in while forming it.

Preheat to 500*. Score tops (making very deep slits), spray with water, bake at convection bake 375* with steam 50-75 minutes until light brown (these don't darken, just light brown) and 200*+ internal temperature.

Remove gently from especially the really large pans and place on their sides to cool, covered with the damp towel. This keeps it from collapsing and gives you just a bit more height and air structure.

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