Artisan - Whole Wheat 

Slow risen crispy crust round loaves with a satisfying chew and a rich nutty flavor.

Doubled to mix in bosch:
56 oz warm water
8 oz starter
3 oz honey or molasses
24 oz whole wheat bread flour
24 oz all-purpose white flour
24 oz white bread flour
2 T salt

Divide into two bowls (72 oz each bowl) and stretch and fold. Rise in same bowls.
~Note: especially when mixing by hand add half the flour and mix into a smooth batter, then mix in the rest of the flour.

In large bowl mix:
28 oz warm water
4 oz starter
1.5 oz honey or molasses
12 oz whole wheat bread flour
1 T salt
12 oz all-purpose white flour
12 oz artisan white bread flour

Stir to a smooth dough. It will be very slack, but cohesive.
Rest 1 hour

Stretch and fold in the bowl until it forms up into a ball. Rest and do it again.

*Rise until doubled and has a few bubbles on the top and is jiggly.
  *10-12 hours in cool garage
  *12 or so hours in fridge (finish on counter, it won't be finished after the 12 hours)
  *6-8 hours all day

Gently turn out onto floured counter and divide into 3 loaves - 24 oz each or 2 loaves - 36 oz each or 4 loaves - 18 oz each.

Gently pull the ends under to form a loose ball. Cup the dough and gently pull it toward you in a circular motion to form and tighten its shape. Place on well floured towels in bowls, seam side up.

~You can make 2 loaves on the flatter french bread pans and bake the pan right on the stone.

~Rise until puffy 30-60 minutes. (If it had a long bulk rise don't give it too long of a second rise. If you let it come only to almost double give it the 60 minutes now.) I really can't tell by looking at it if it is risen at this point. I do have to use the clock. But be aware that the summer times will be different.

~OR let sit on counter just the 30 minutes, then in refrigerator for as much as 6 hours. This makes a nice cool ball that can stand up to scoring and sliding into the oven. Bring out to warm up just a bit as the oven heats, or your previous batch bakes.

Remove loaves to a nice floured or cornmeal surface - for sliding onto stone. Rub all over with flour and score. Place into the oven using the pizza peel onto the hot baking stone.

~Baking on the stone really gives you rounder loaves!!! Leave second batch in fridge and bake 2 or 3 loaves at a time. It is worth it!

Bake with cast iron pan steam above and stone on lowest rack. Convection roast 425* 20-30 minutes until it registers 200* internally and the surface looks very browned and dry. *You can even turn oven off and let sit 10-15 minutes more in the oven to really set its structure. But with multiple bakings just lower the temp to about 400* then 350* and give it 10 more minutes at each lower temp. The crumb is so wet that you don't want it underbaked at all!

Cool on wire rack thoroughly before slicing or it will be sticky inside, especially since it is whole wheat.

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