Easy Bread Basket Rolls 

No commercial yeast and easy to handle dough. Nothing fancy, just good bread!

Place on oiled pans. Cover again with damp towel and let rest about 1 hour until noticeably puffy.

Slit each roll down the middle. Spray with water and bake (probably won't have room for steam since you'll need two pans).

Bake at 400* convection bake 25-30 minutes until they go from whitish blonde to golden. Cool directly on sheet pan.

~This recipe was to be mixed by hand but I found that I had lumps when I did it that way.
In bosch bowl combine:
24 oz warm water
10 oz warm milk
6 T (not quite full 1/2 c) sugar
12 oz starter

Stir in:
38 oz white artisan bread flour
14 oz all-purpose flour
2 level T salt
Allow several minutes to absorb then finish kneading only briefly until it becomes smoother.

Cover and rest for 30 minutes.

Knead again only briefly until dough becomes smooth and springy.

Rise in 2 gal jar so you can mark its rising. Rise until almost double.

~At this point you could refrigerate and form the rolls the next day.

Turn dough out onto lightly floured surface. Be sure to redistribute the top of the dough and the bottom or your rolls will be inconsistent. But also be gentle with the dough.

Flatten into a rectangle and cut into 30-36 pieces (2 3/4 oz to 3 oz). Gather ends, flip over and gently roll into a ball.

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