Rye - Pumpernickle 

A dark rye bread. Good with beer and cheddar cheese!

I haven't added any seed flavorings yet because folks associate a distaste for rye breads because of the seeds. And that's too bad because this bread is really good without them.
In bosch mixer combine:
50 oz warm water
8 oz starter
6 oz molasses (or 10 oz)
2 oz unsweetened cocoa powder
16 oz whole grain rye flour
58 oz white artisan bread flour
OR for a softer pan formed bread:
(18 oz all-purpose and 40 artisan)
2 T salt

Mix thoroughly with half the flour added. Then add the rest and mix just until a thick, dense, shaggy dough forms. If you work the gluten now it is really difficult to get the oil worked in later.

Rest 1 hour.

Work in:
4 oz sunflower oil
and 1 t yeast, optional

Knead until a smooth dough forms and the oil is worked in.

Turn out onto moist counter and stretch and fold until the dough is springy. It will remain sticky. Rest and fold as necessary.

Rise in 2 gal jar until doubled. Could be 4-6 hours.

Divide into 4 loaves - 36 oz each loaf.
Fold and tuck into tight rounds. Rise in dry floured cloth lined bowls 1 1/2 - 2 hours minutes until puffy.

OR divide into 6 loaves - 24 oz each loaf - rise in cereal bowls.

Turn out onto parchment squares and place on one large 2/3 size baking sheet. Spray well with water, wait 5 min and spray again. Score and bake with steam at convection bake 400* 40-50 minutes.

OR bake in 4 big commercial pans for an easy loaf pan shape.

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