Mexican Red Cooking Sauce 

Made from fresh tomatoes roasted until sweet and a combination of freshly made chili powder and fresh peppers. I use it as a salsa, for huevos rancheros, and mexican casseroles.

I finished this sauce in the evening so I am leaving it in the oven all night on warm. We'll see if it likes the long rest! It did. Very handy and deep rich flavor.
Roast whole unpeeled roma tomatoes on the stovetop or in the oven at least 4 hours. Salt only to taste.

In 15 qt brazier pan saute:
lots of very lightly salted onions (if using yellow cooking onions) until golden brown in just a bit of fat (avacado oil or lard). IF USING sweet onions, saute only briefly with the spices.

Saute lots of pasilla, anaheim, ancho or poblano peppers until a little blackened and sweet. OR seed, halve, salt, and roast in oven. Saute in freshly cut hot peppers to taste.

Add more fat and saute spices into peppers and onions:
my BBQ spice rub spice mix
cayanne to taste (if the hot peppers aren't enough heat)
ground coriander
ground cumin

Simmer just a few minutes to make the spices bloom but not burn.

roasted tomatoes
salt to taste
more fat to taste

Simmer a while until the flavors taste mature.

Blend with a stick blender. Hold overnight at 170* if necessary to allow time to run through the canner.

To can, be sure sauce is at a simmer as you fill jars. Process 7 pints in steam canner 45 minutes at a steady simmer, keeping the needle in middle or near top of green zone.

OR cool and freeze.

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