Cranberry Sauce 

Sugar and cranberries macerated overnight and lightly boiled make an intensely cranberry compote.

***With tattler lids, put on very loose and tighten after about 10 minutes as the jam just begins to cool.

*For a crowd
This recipe makes 5 cups. A small scoop (not my smallest, but next) is less than 1 ounce. So this recipe will serve 40-50.

Make a double recipe, which will easily fit in the 8 qt pot, to serve 100.

Serve with clean or gloved hands pressing in just a scoopful. This makes a pretty ball on the plate.
Stir together in 8 qt pot:
3 - 12 oz bags cranberries (36 oz), fresh or frozen put through 'french fry' blade on bosch. (very coarsely chopped).
12 oz pure cane sugar.

Let sit all night. (macerating, it is called)

With the lid on, bring to a light simmer and cook until it is thick and sweet, about 15 minutes.

Have clean jars (recipe made 5 cups) ready with lids that have sat in simmered water. Fill close to the top while sauce is hot. Wipe tops and cap them. The cranberry sauce will keep through the winter season to use on cranberry coffee cake! YUM!

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