Canning notes 

Peaches, pears and applesauce especially.

Tattler lids: Only barely screw the lids on before processing. Put a finger on the plastic lid and tighten the metal band only until the jar starts to spin. Process normally. Take out and let the bubbling subside about 4-5 minutes. Then tighten the lids as you normally would.

I read a new canning method is recommended!!! Steam canning. My new Victorio Canner has the capability! Just 3 qts of water. Use the rack upside down so it is elevated making the jars not so close to the bottom of the canner. It is silent! No spluttering for 30 minutes and no waiting for a whole pot of water to heat!

Heat the steam canner water to only 140* before putting the jars in. Only heat it using half power (right in the middle). Full power in the induction stove broke a jar. Then turn it down a few marks to keep it in the middle of the steam indicator.

Reheat strained applesauce to 150* with the lasar temp gun. 8 qt pot and the saladmaster were good.

Process quarts of hot applesauce for 30 minutes.
I have always made an extra light syrup of 1 c white sugar to 1 qt of water. However, I am going to make a light syrup this year with 2 c white sugar to 1 qt of water because it will make the fruit firmer. A firm texture is very important to me!

1 c sugar weighs almost 1/2 lb so I had been making 1/2 lb per quart or 4 c water. Now it is 1 lb per quart or 4 c water. So to make 2 qts of simple syrup (as for pears) I use 2 lb sugar to 2 quarts of water. (Handy because Trader Joes has beautiful not so white organic cane sugar in a two pound package!)

Peaches and Pears:
For 7 qts peaches make 6 c water to 3 c (24 oz) sugar.
For 7 qts pears make 8 c water to 4 c (2 lb) sugar.
Process both peaches and pears 30 minutes.

Add a little water to bottom of jars before packing so that you don't get air bubbles in the pit or hole area. For pears be sure to shake and tip to get the air bubbles out of the hole area. Also for pears peel from bottom to top so as not to peel my fingers!

Approximately 25-28 midsized peaches makes 7 qts. Approximately 21-24 pears make 7 qts.

When getting a box of peaches, invariably quite a few are bruised. I scalded and peeled these and cut into slices, added 1/4 of its weight in sugar and let sit. Quite promptly the now shrunken peaches were floating in their own juice. I weighted them down with a plate in a large glass bowl to keep them submerged. And you have fresh peaches all day without any browning. Then I will boil the whole thing for just 10 minutes (like my syrup-jam method). This will set them so they don't brown and we'll use them for fresh eating, for ice cream, shortcake, and waffle topping!

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