Fermented Green Chile Salsa 

Makes 2 quarts. This Green Chile Salsa acts like a base; not only is it a delicious green salsa as is, but it’s more—you will have ready-made flavor to keep on hand to add to many dishes. Try a few tablespoons in sour cream for a dip, with mashed avocado for a guacamole, or dump the already-prepared chiles, veggies and spices into the pot like a seasoning packet (with ingredients you can pronounce).

8 green chile peppers, stems and seeds removed
8 jalapeños, stems and seeds removed
8 Ancho peppers, stems and seeds removed
8 large cloves garlic
2 large onions
2 tablespoons whole cumin seed, roasted and crushed
2 tablespoons whole coriander seed, roasted and crushed
2 tablespoons finely ground sea salt

1. Process the peppers, the other vegetables, and the spices in a food processor. Sprinkle in the salt. The
chopped pepper will become juicy immediately.
2. Place the mash inside two quart­sized jars, leaving about an inch of airspace. Weight down with fermentation
weights (like these), then seal with an airlock (like this) Set aside, somewhere nearby and out of direct sunlight
for 10 ­ 14 days, or as long as 3 months ­ or until it achieves a flavor and sourness you enjoy.
3. Check daily for the first few days that the mash is submerged. The mash pulp will tend to float leaving the brine
below. Open the jar, stir with a clean utensil and reseal.
4. Test the ferment on day ten. It's ready when the flavors have mingled and there is an acidic vinegar­like quality
to the flavor. However, this pepper­based mash will develop more acidity and complex flavors with a longer
ferment. The color of the green peppers will turn a muted olive green as the ferment ripens. Store in the fridge,
where it will keep up to a year.

Recipe by Nourished Kitchen at http://nourishedkitchen.com/fermented­green­chile­salsa/

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