Such beautiful tomatoes. Use and keep for the whole year!

As they dry I had to turn the dehydrator off a few times to let the moisture redistribute a bit because they will burn even in the dehydrator.

Put out into a jar then back into the dehydrator to have a soft pliable but not soaking wet product.

Since these are wetter than other dried things I froze them in flat tupperware containers. Then I transferred to freezer bags so they would be free-flowing.

Cherry Tomatoes:
Very expensive but these dry into almost a candy.
Slice unwashed tomatoes in half.
Place cut side up on dehydrator trays and sprinkle lightly with salt.
May take 12-20 hours to dry. I am not going to dry them overnight. I need to watch them and rotate the racks.
Leave soft and let cool. Put into jar and leave on counter a day to redistribute moisture. Then dry just a little more.
Store in freezer.

To be quicker for the dehydrator:
Cut into thirds by rounds. Dry almost 20 hours, but do watch them as they still burn. Package right into quart ziplock bags. Refrigerate then freeze.

Raw frozen tomatoes (to replace #10 cans):
Quickly cut out cores and bad spots. Briefly pulse in my bosch blender to roughly chop up the skins. Put into 8 or 12 qt containers. Lightly salt to taste, allowing 30 min or so for the salt to flavor them. Taste again.

Ladle into 2 qt freezer boxes. These hold 4 lb tomatoes. Each #10 can holds 6 1/2 lb tomatoes, so adjust for your recipe.
When faced with all those stunning red beauties at Hartnell Farms -

Oven roasting method:
Using especially Roma or drier types:
Wash and quickly cut into halves or quarters. Roast in hotel pans in the oven. Begin at convection roast 450* until they are simmering and they start to char on their tops. Turn heat down to 400* then 350*. If you have time go all the way down to convection roast 250*. Stir every hour. As they get thicker watch carefully as their precious sugars will BURN!

Cool slightly then put through my Victorio strainer with my new salsa screen and grape spiral. This will allow a lot of seeds to pass through and will probably let skins through too but I think they will be small enough. The puree is just so flavorful cooked with the skins on!

Stovetop Roasting (without straining out skins):
Briefly chop in the bosch blender just to make the pieces of skin small enough. Salt to taste a few times while cooking, earlier rather than later to allow time for the salt to marry with the tomatoes. Cook in my 15 qt. stainless brazier on the stovetop! Simmer for 4 hours to really bring out the sweetness of the tomatoes and reduce to a delightful thickness.

NOW as you have bought tomatoes to roast also don't forget to keep the dehydrator running -

Leave skins on again, cut into large pieces so that you have plenty of tomato for the amount of skin. Cut a medium roma into quarters. If they stick up and make the trays leave gaps don't be concerned, within an hour they will have shrunk enough to close the gaps.

Place on trays cut side up and sprinkle with a little salt.

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