Such beautiful tomatoes. Use and keep for the whole year!

Leave skins on again, cut into large pieces so that you have plenty of tomato for the amount of skin. Cut into thirds by rounds. Salt very very lightly. Dry almost 20 hours, but do watch them as they burn.If they stick up and make the trays leave gaps don't be concerned, within an hour they will have shrunk enough to close the gaps.
As they dry I had to turn the dehydrator off a few times to let the moisture redistribute a bit because they will burn even in the dehydrator.
Put out into a jar, to let the moisture distribute evenly, then back into the dehydrator to have a soft pliable but not soaking wet product.
Since these are wetter than other dried things I have frozen, I froze them on the dehydrator trays then transferred to freezer bags so they would be free-flowing.

Cherry Tomatoes:
Very expensive but these dry into almost a candy. Slice in half. Place cut side up on dehydrator trays and sprinkle lightly with salt. Takes 12-20 hours to dry, but don't dry them overnight. Watch them and rotate the racks. Leave soft and let cool. Put into jar and leave on counter a day to redistribute moisture. Then dry just a little more. Store in freezer.

Freeze Raw Tomatoes (to replace #10 cans):
Quickly cut out cores. Use food processor to roughly chop up so the skins aren't too pronounced. Put into 12 qt container. Lightly salt to taste, allowing 15 min or so for the salt to flavor them. Taste again.
Ladle into 2 qt freezer boxes. These hold 4 lb tomatoes. Each #10 can is 6 1/2 lb tomatoes. So 3 qts raw tomatoes is almost a #10 can.
When faced with all those stunning red beauties at the Farm Stand -

~The most important note is to very gently salt and allow time to cook. Something magical happens at the 4 hour point. The sugars just come out! AND by chance I didn't have time to can some on the same day, so I had to hold in the oven overnight. What a happy discovery that the very long roast yielded a VERY sweet tomato sauce in the morning!

~Another happy discovery is to use early girl and roma tomatoes mixed. The early girls are dry enough but add such brightness.

Cooking Method for straining:
Wash and quickly cut into halves or quarters, salt gently about 2 t each pan. Roast UNCOVERED in hotel pans in the oven OR in large 15 qt pot on stovetop. Begin at convection roast 450* until they are simmering and they start to char on their tops. Turn heat down to 400* then 350*. Stir every hour. As they get thicker watch carefully as their precious sugars will BURN! 20 lb tomatoes fit in 1 4 inch deep hotel pan (or 15 qt brazier) and took 4-8 hours to roast down.
Cool slightly then put through my Victorio strainer with the pumpkin screen. Use the grape spiral because the skins get so dry that they clog at the end. I think the skins have pectin and are very flavorful to leave in during the long roast.

Cooking Method without straining out skins:
Wash and quickly cut into halves or quarters. Salt gently about 1 t for 10 qts tomatoes. Cook in my 15 qt. stainless brazier on the stovetop, or hotel pans in the oven. Simmer for at least 4 hours to really bring out the sweetness of the tomatoes and reduce to a delightful thickness. Use a combination of covered and uncovered to achieve the desired amout of reduction. If you reduce it too much the skins do become pronounced. Then stick blender into a sauce!

~If you don't have time in one day you can cook overnight! Covered and roasted at 250* during the day then 170* overnight. In the morning, uncover and reduce at convection roast 350*. This made a VERY sweet tomato.

Very Smooth Tomatoes (like for tomato soup):
Blanch and dip in ice water briefly to peel and core them. Heat on stovetop in 15 qt brazier (about 20 lb will fit). Salt lightly to taste. Roast in oven at least 4 hours on about 350* - 200*. Taste for salt. Finish reducing on stovetop. Use stick blender to make a smooth sauce after reducing.

Canning Instructions:
Fill jars and can in steam canner 45 minutes. Bring the canner to the end of the "steam indicator zone". Reduce heat but keep the canner simmering gently. It will stay in the zone without simmering, but keep it simmering, it is a good safeguard.
~On these more dense contents (like applesauce too) I think the middle jar isn't sealing.

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