Uncle Stub's Pear-Apple Jam 

A beloved recipe from our great-uncle Stub.

Converting to new method:
5 lb apples
5 lb pears
1 c lemon juice, not from concentrate or fresh, including lemon zest.
5 lb sugar

I simply cut fruit into large pieces, weighed into 12 qt pot and stirred with my hand because the pot is so full!
Macerate fruit and follow process for fresh canned jam.
This is the original recipe:
3 qts diced unpeeled apples
3 qts diced unpeeled pears
1 c lemon juice
21 c sugar (more than 10 lb)
-makes about 7 quarts-

Wash, core and run apples throuth "french fry blade" on food prosser.  Wash and remove centers from pears.  Cut into chunks.  Heat apples, pears, and lemon juice omedium heat in 12 qt pot while cutting fruit, stir often with wooden spoon.  Raise heat to medium high and stir in sugar when fruit is warm.  Heat to boiling, don't need to boil too hard, stir frequently (but do not need to stir constantly).  Reduce heat to medium as needed to boil steadily but not furiously.  Boil about 60 minutes until jam turns amber color and coats a cold spoon.  Pour into jars while still hot, using funnel.  Process 15 minutes in boiling water bath, or process 5 minutes at 5 lb pressure in pressure canner.  If canning in pints, can stack them in pressure canner to process all at once.

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