Frozen Fruit Cocktail 

A taste of summer in wintertime.

4 qt water
8 c sugar
1 12oz can frozen orange juice
1 12oz can frozen lemonaide
1 medium sized watermelon
3-5 lb grapes
3-5 lb blueberries
1 box (24 lb) peaches

Cut watermelon in small pieces.  Wash and stem grapes.  Cut peaches in slices or quarters.  Boil water and sugar together.  Add juice concentrates.  Layer fruits in freezer containers or ziplock bags.  Pour juice over fruit about an inch from top of container.  (It expands quite a bit when it freezes, and will ooze all over the freezer if you don't leave enough space.)  Partially thaw, cut (crunch) with spoon while thawing.  Serve partially frozen.  Makes 24 quarts.

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