Such beautiful colors! Don't forget to rejoice in their beauty alone.

~Mostly just chop the peppers and pack loosely into quart bags and freeze them, lots of them!

~Freeze some jalapenos and other hot peppers whole. They keep their heat that way and chop just fine when thawed just a little.

~To keep all the pepper flavor inside, instead of watching it run out in the liquid made as they thaw, lightly oil them and lightly salt then roast them gently at convection 300*-350*. It is really like a quick dehydrate. Taste and see the miracle of heat applied right.
Remember as soon as they come out to get dehydrating some!

Rinse, slice into quarters as you take the seeds and membranes out.
Put their crazy long pieces on the trays mostly with the skin side up and cut side down.
Don't worry too much about gaps in the trays because their funny shapes push up the trays. They soften quickly and the trays will close up.
Don't do these overnight, even with all 10 trays full. They just don't take that long.
If you are doing some hot peppers be sure to use the range hood to vent.
Dry unil they are about 1/4 their original size but retain some moisture and structure.
Maybe it took about 6-9 hours rotating the trays often.
Put into ziplock freezer bags. Leave on counter for a day to redistribute the moisture to the pointed ends and any thin spots. Then store in the freezer. They should remain free-flowing from frozen so you cah chop just what you need.

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