Potatoes - Scalloped Latest Idea 

Made in the 4 inch deep hotel pan for making early and reheating. So I didn't use any flour.

~I made this recipe in the evening, brought it to quite warm but not simmering, and held it at 170* in the oven all night. Halfway through the night I turned the oven off. When I checked in the morning, the potatoes were perfect underdone slices swimming in very good tasting milky sauce. And the temp was just above 140* (safe zone).

From here I could continue to bake it (250*-350*). I had to turn up the heat or the potatoes would not have cooked at all. Then add the cheese just as it finishes baking the potatoes to perfection. The potatoes continued to hold their shape into left-overs! Something happened in the long warm rest.
In hotel pan 'saute' in the oven:
onion in
2 sticks unsalted butter
1 t salt

8 c milk
1 T salt
1 lb ground sausage if using

Layer and stir in about 8 lb sliced red, white, or yellow potatoes - BUT sweet potatoes don't work, they break apart and don't thicken the sauce well.

Cover and bring to a gentle simmer in the oven.

Cook just until potatoes are barely tender, but if you don't cook enough they can turn black!

Sprinkle on:
1 lb grated cheddar cheese

Continue to bake until cheese is melty.

Now you can hold it or cool for reheating.

Reheat gently with the lid on so potatoes warm evenly and cheese isn't overcooked so it clumps.

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