Cheesy Vegetable Tortellini Casserole 

***Add tomatoes, fresh, dehydrated or thickened ones., or sundried tomatoes.
1 lb tortellini boiled in about 4 qts water with 1 T salt added

butternut squash
sweet potatoes
brussels sprouts

In 5 qt casserole all-clad pan:
melt 1/2 c butter
whip in 1/4 c flour until smooth then saute gently until golden and nutty smelling
add 2 t salt
stir in 4 c milk (in three stages) whisking well to keep it smooth. Cook until it thickens and is very smooth.

Melt in:
2 c (8 oz) grated sharp cheddar cheese
2 c (8 oz) grated monterey Jack cheese

Don't boil after adding the cheese.

Stir in the finished tortellini and vegetables. Warm in oven gently at convection roast 300* until bubbly around the edges.

Let sit 15 minutes or so to thicken up into a casserole texture.

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