Pasta, Veggie Pasta 

Make the sauce, add some more things! Beautiful and comforting.

Now you have a beautiful sauce to do many things with.

~I kept all the sauce in the pan, put in just one package fresh ravioli. This took just 5 minutes of simmering to cook through. Then I removed it to pasta bowls and topped with a generous amount of mozzarella and romano cheeses.
~I had sauce left-over which I will use for something else. This way you don't have overdone pasta as you reheat for the next dinner.

~You could add any roasted vegetables. Kale or spinach would be a good choice.

~You could add Italian link-type sausage, or ground beef, or ground pork type sausage.

~You could toss it with pasta or cook a different type pasta right in the sauce, again depending on how many servings you want.
In 5 qt casserole type pan saute:
in olive oil - salt lightly

Saute in:
butternut squash (already baked and scooped)
OR sweet potatoes (already mashed)

Add more olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

When this is very tasty add some raw-type tomatoes. Mine come from the freezer having been blended briefly and salted lightly, skins and all.

Bring to a simmer. Cook until tomatoes lose their raw taste - about 10 minutes.

Immersion blend until smooth as possible.

Taste again and you may need to add just a teaspoon or so sugar, depending on the tomatoes.

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