Roasted Vegetables 

When putting in two full sheets preheat to 500* but expect that it will actually drop to 325* as the veggies warm up.
So after 15 minutes turn oven off and on to let it preheat on the veggies. But watch them, they will brown quickly.

Broccoli and Cauliflower keep it hot - 450*. After 10 minutes let oven preheat back to 450*. Take them out just as some browning happens.
10 lb fit on two large sheets

1 very full grocery store plastic bag full fits on two large sheets

~Beets is a very good option for roasting. But don't allow them to brown too much, the blackened part is just burnt sugar and sour tasting. For Springtime roast then sprinkle with balsamic vinegar while warm, pack into a jar and refrigerate for an instant flavorful addition to spring greens in a salad.

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