Breakfast Casserole - Veggie Eggs 

Using just a bit of bread takes these veggies to the next level!

~Note on Squash
Be sure to roast the squash whole. When it is very soft, open it up, leaving in the seeds, salt to taste, roast some more until the liquid is evaporated, leaving all that beautiful taste in the squash. Then remove the seeds when they are quite dry. Scoop out the flesh and store.
Then, as if that wasn't enough, before you serve the squash, saute it in olive oil or butter and salt to taste. You will see it shrink as still more liquid comes off. This leaves a rich tasting very satisfying squash. Often it is good to season with pepper at this point.
Saute some onions in just a bit of olive oil. Salt lightly.
Saute in peppers, which I have in the freezer from the harvest.

Saute in any number of other vegetables as you choose:
roasted sweet potatoes, carrots, rudabaga, butternut squash, potatoes, kale
fresh kale, spinach or greens, tomatoes

Dice some bread quite small.
Add much more butter and/or olive oil and just a bit more salt to taste. Stir and saute the bread, adding more fat until the bread is a reservoir of fat.

Saute in my dehydrated and frozen from the harvest tomatoes.

Make a soft cooked egg to place atop your veggies and bread.

Serve the whole thing over previously roasted and mashed butternut squash.

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