Squash - Fall Squashes 

Fill the oven, scoop and keep in the fridge or freeze. Mashed squash is good: under a sunnyside up egg, under mexican foods, in mac and cheese, and in pasta sauces.

~Roasting squash for mashed.
You can just roast it whole. But if you decide to cut it, or are planning to roast it diced up, roast about 10 minutes to soften before cutting - it's much easier!

Whenever you get around to cutting it in half, salt generously, maybe 1 t per medium squash. Leave seeds in and continue roasting until it is all dried out. Roast it cut side up because you want the steam to escape and all the juices to reduce inside the squash.

When it is very soft pick the seeds out and any obvious strings. Let any final steam escape to leave fluffy starchy sweet squash. Scoop carefully out of the skins.

From here you can store in fridge or freeze it. AND I find that it still benefits from a saute in butter or oil or a combination of both and a final bit of salt to taste. This is how the genuine sweetness of the squash comes out.

*Salting your veggies enough encourages their own natural starches to change to sugar leaving sweet flavorful veggies. Even your squashes should NEVER need sugar, but they will need plenty of butter or olive oil.

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