Asparagus Just so I remember year to year as this beauty emerges in the spring! 
Breakfast Casserole - Veggie Eggs Using just a bit of bread takes these veggies to the next level! 
Butternut Squash Brussels Sprouts Pasta I am changing this to be a one pot pasta method! A few brave souls recommend dumping the 'cook pasta in abundant water method'! 
Cheesy Vegetable Tortellini Casserole  
Greens Au gratin Greens baked in a cheesy sauce! 
Muffins - Veggie A soaked muffin, for the health of the grains, and low sugar, since it's a savory muffin, and packed with vegetables! 
Oat Carrot Pilaf A sweet comforting stuffing - like side dish. Allow time to soak the oats and you'll be rewarded with healthy digestion and a deep rich taste! 
Oven Fries I hate to call this a vegetable but you buy the potatoes at the vegetable stand! Gives my non vegetable loving family a break. And I did not purchase already prepared potatoes, so I am happy. 
Pasta - Roasted Delicata Squash Pasta with Greens All the goodness of the fall season in a pasta! Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat at its best. 
Pasta - Spaghetti - Fresh Tomatoes I fill my freezer with tomatoes, just as full as possible, to have enough for this recipe until next year's harvest! 
Pasta, Veggie Pasta Make the sauce, add some more things! Beautiful and comforting. 
Potatoes - Scalloped Potatoes Thick and creamy homemade goodness! 
Potatoes - Scalloped Potatoes for a crowd To make 3 hotel sized pans hopefully serving 75 people! 
Potatoes - Smashed and Fluffed Steamed in a hotel pan! An easy way to get a robust taste of potatoes in a large quantity. 
Quick Bread - Zucchini A big recipe for 4 loaves. 
Roasted Vegetables  
Roasted Vegetables - Notes We eat far more veggies if I roast a big batch and freeze or just keep in the refrigerator in ziplock bags. Always available for eggs or pasta or soup! 
Savory Vegetable Torte - Overnight Method Same ingredients but you make a starter dough which sits overnight to develop its sour flavor a little more. 
Soup - Butternut Squash Red Lentil Stew Spicy and thick warming fall meal. 
Spiced Sweet Potato and Beet  
Spinach or Tomato Slab - biscuit base Veggies and cheese across a biscuit dough. Also a sourdough recipe. 
Spinach or Tomato Slab - muffin base A savory cake loaded with veggies. This version uses sourdough starter. 
Spinach Pie Trader Joes has phyllo dough throughout the Holiday Season. So much fun! 
Tomato Phyllo Pie Versatile! Use different cheeses. 
Vegetable Casserole Creamy cheesy vegetables - great comfort food and you're still eating veggies. 
Zucchini Salads Well, I'm getting fat! Need to eat vegetables and zucchini is plentiful at my farm stand all season long! 

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