Kombucha - My Way 

Easy continuous brew for 1 gallon jar.

To make just a bit more to grow scoby:
6 c water
4 tea bags
3 oz sugar
Maintain in 1 gallon jar.

~Feeder tea:
4 c filtered water, brought to just a boil. Over boiling depletes the oxygen.
3 tea bags
Let cool to room temp but not for too long, only a couple of hours. Too long releases too much bitterness.

Dissolve in:
1/4 c cane sugar

Remove 1 qt tea into growler. Add:
about 2 T apple juice, trader joe's strawberry lemonade, home made lemonade, or just the feeder tea.
This keeps it from being too sour.

When serving add just a bit more of the juice or lemonade to taste. Yum!

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