Kombucha - My Way 

Easy continuous brew for 1 gallon jar.

Remove tea into bottle. Fill it almost to the top for the most fizz. But not so much that it bubbles out when you open it - be prepared. The fizz can be intense.

~To each 1 qt serving bottle add:
1 t sugar and something to flavor it.

about 1/4 cup apple juice, trader joe's strawberry lemonade, home made lemonade, or just the feeder tea.
This keeps it from being too sour, and I think the added sugar makes much more fizz (I've read more and it does).

Mash up a pear or dice a peach and add the sugar to that.

Lemon is the most reliable great taste. Peel thinly, add the peels. Remove the white part then dice the lemon into the bottle. Add the sugar and shake to dissolve.

Hibiscus syrup is out of this world! And it looks beautiful as well. Add the extra sugar and you'll have an extremely fizzy red drink.

Always leave at least 20% of the kombucha to act as starter tea. I keep 7 qts so I could decant 5 1/2 qts, leaving 1 1/2 qts for starter tea.
Quick guide: decant 5 qts and leave 2 qts if you want a lot of kombucha for a gathering.

Another way to maintain is to decant what we want to drink and be sure to replenish once a week.
Maintain in 1 or 2 gallon jar.

~Feeder tea:
4 c filtered water, brought to just a boil. Over boiling depletes the oxygen.
3 tea bags
Let cool to room temp but not for too long, only a couple of hours. Too long releases too much bitterness.

Dissolve in:
1/4 c cane sugar (2 oz)

To make just a bit more to grow the quantity:
6 c water
4 tea bags [or 1 heaping T loose leaf]
3 oz sugar

To decant TWO quarts add:
8 c water
6 tea bags [2 level T ]
4 oz sugar

To decant TWO quarts AND grow the quantity:
10 c water
7 tea bags [2 full T, 0.5 oz]
5 oz sugar

Rinse the tea leaves with hot water.
Use just boiled and cooled water to brew (180*-200*).
Use 2 g for 6-8 oz water.

For 96 oz (3 qts) tea:
1 oz tea leaves.
6 oz sugar

For nearly 4 qts tea (the leaves take up some room in the pots):
.6 oz each into two 2 qt glass pot and 2 qt pitcher (1.2 oz total)
7 oz sugar

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