Chicken Vegetable and Rice - Broth option 

With the increasing need for dairy-free options keep the freezer stocked with broth! Makes one hotel pan.

~Navy Bean and Broth option:
Blend 1 qt already cooked navy beans with some broth to add 'creaminess' to the broth.

In the now empty brazier boil:
1 quart chicken broth with the
blended navy beans

~Flour thickened option:
Saute 1/2 c white flour with 1/2 c olive oil until fragrant. Then add 1 quart chicken broth. Whisk and cook until thick and flavorful. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add garlic. If it is 'flat' try adding some tomato. Or try some wine. Or sprinkle lemon juice over your finished casserole. It all depends on the flavor of your broth.

Thinly slice:
3 lb boneless chicken, salted earlier to allow it to permeate and flavor from within. Stir into the sauce just until it begins to lose its pink. That way you can hold the casserole unbaked for later.

Stir the chicken and sauce into the finished casserole. It will cook almost instantly.

Keep warm (you don't want to overcook the chicken though) just at 170*. OR cool for refrigerating or freezing or reheating later.

**Add spinach or baby greens, or peas.
**But if you are holding and rewarming the casserole use vegetables that will withstand a lot of cooking. (Maybe avoid things like brussels sprouts, broccoli)
Make the rice -
In hotel pan:
4 c brown rice
4 c cold fresh water
1 t salt
Bake convection roast 400* about 30 minutes until almost tender.

In 5 qt allclad brazier saute:
4 chopped onions, lightly salted. In olive oil.

1 lb diced carrots (lightly salted)
Cover and steam until a little soft.

1 bunch diced celery
peppers, diced (from the freezer, frozen in season)
kale (lightly salted and massaged) chopped small
Lightly salt, Cover and steam gently until colors are brightened - not very long.

Add all the vegetables to the now cooked rice in the hotel pan. Cover and keep warm.

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