Mashed Potatoes 

I made 50 lb at one time so here's how I did it. See the other recipe too, these are just notes.

After learning more about cooking in well salted water, I'd be more comfortable boiling them.
Indeed run them through the french fry blade for small even pieces. Start them in cold water so they warm up evenly and don't fill the pot too full. My new 15 qt brazier is going to be great!!!
Simmer gently maybe about 10-20 minutes after they start to boil.
Don't overcook them at all! Test early.
I had very large russet baking potatoes. NOT a good idea!  I washed and put them covered in three hotel pans. I started with a cold oven (I read that the potatoes start in cold water so that they heat evenly throughout.) and roasted on convection roast 400*.

The rest of the potatoes I ran through my 'french fry' blade on my slicer. This was fast and makes small pieces. These I steamed in my five quart steamer. I also read to let the moisture redistribute so I poured the done ones onto a baking sheet for about 10 minutes. This was also the time for me to refill the steamer.

Then I whipped the steamed potatoes in the Bosch with the wire whips. I also just read to add the butter (at room temp)it coats the starch. Then add milk or heavy cream. The liquid combines with the starch which makes the potatoes gluey if you don't first get it coated by the butter.

Then I put these batch after batch in a hotel pan to keep warm. I read not to let them cool and reheat, especially not to put them in the refrigerator, unless you use the make ahead type recipes!

Whip them just a bit on the wet side as they will absorb more liquid as they set.

When they are all finished add plenty of more butter on top to prevent a crust from forming.

Very importantly! When the baked potatoes are completely soft (205* to 212*) pinch them to the steam out. The extra moisture makes them gummy. You have only about 5-10 minutes to do this.

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