Coffee at a Glance 

Well it was a hard decision to put this into breakfast or dessert!

Coffee for FIVE in the larger press:
90 g (maybe 100g) coffee
48 oz water
This fills it full.
Heat about 20 oz milk
Coffee per serving, as in the aeropress OR as a base recipe for various sized french presses.

15 g coffee
220 g water (very close to 8 oz)

For the aeropress grind as fine as table salt. For the press grind quite coarse but not as coarse as the grinder goes, closer to medium.

Coffee for TWO:
30 g coffee
16 oz water
This only makes enough for a latte style coffee with plenty of milk in it so adjust for black coffee drinkers or make it into Americano style.
Heat about 8 oz milk for lattes.

32 oz water in the smaller press
48 oz water in the bigger press
This is by weight not volume but they are close. Volume is just a bit less.

Coffee for THREE in the smaller press:
50 g coffee (maybe 60 g)
32 oz water
This will fill it to the very top!
Heat about 12 oz milk for lattes

Coffee for FOUR in the larger press:
70 g coffee
40 oz water
This will not fill it.
Heat about 16 oz milk

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