Jackpot Noodles 

Spaghetti sauce, corn and sour cream combine to make you hit the jackpot with this easy dinner.

1 can whole kernel corn (or frozen corn)
3 c macaroni noodles
about 8 oz sour cream or cottage cheese
about 1 lb grated cheddar cheese
approximately 2 lb ground beef
1 chopped or blended onion
1 large can crushed tomatoes in puree
Italian Seasoning to taste
salt to taste
brown sugar to taste

In large skillet fry ground beef with onion.  Add tomatoes, seasoning, salt, and brown sugar.  Simmer until flavors are blended, about 15 minutes.  Boil noodles in separate pan and drain.  Stir in corn and noodles.  Lightly stir in sour cream or cottage cheese, and sprinkle cheese over top.  Cover skillet and heat on low until cheese is melted.
***Use leftover spaghetti sauce to assemble this easy casserole to make "fresh" leftovers!

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