Scalloped Potatoes 

Thick and creamy homemade goodness!

In 5 qt allclad casserole pan saute
several onions in
1 stick unsalted butter and
1 t salt until they are lightly browned

Stir in
2 T white flour
1 T salt
Fresh ground black pepper to taste
and saute a minute or two

Preheat the oven to 400* (turn it down later).

Stir in about 4 c milk and bring to a happy simmer while stirring often. This will be a slightly thickened flavorful sauce.

Stir in about 4 lb (this is the bosch slicer shredder almost full) sliced red, white, or yellow potatoes (slice with the thicker blade)

Simmer gently (with the lid) on the stovetop several minutes until potatoes begin to soften

Sprinkle about 1/2 lb sharp grated cheddar cheese on top. Press under the sauce a little. Also sprinkle on chopped ham or sliced hot dogs or cooked ground sausage.

Bake at 350* - 400* convection roast (without lid) about 10-20 minutes until bubbly and the potatoes are as done as you like them

Let it set about 5-15 minutes before serving to thicken up a bit

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