Bread - Sourdough Mother Starter 

When it's time to refresh the starter, here's the deal. Allow as much as 12 hours for it to rise. Then if you want to mix it immediately allow another 2-3 hours or so for that dough to rise. Good things are not usually fast!

1 oz mother starter
3 oz flour
2 oz water for white flour
OR 2.25 oz water for WW flour
Makes ~6 oz starter

2 oz starter
6 oz flour
4 oz water for white
OR 4.5 oz for WW
Makes ~12 oz starter

3 oz starter
9 oz flour
6 oz - 6.75 oz water

4 oz starter
12 oz flour
8 - 9 oz water
Rises in 1/2 gal jar

6 oz starter
18 oz flour
12 - 13.5 oz water
Probably still rises in 1/2 gal jar

~TO MIX UP A SOFTER STARTER for use in quick breads stir together:
4 oz starter
4 oz flour
4 oz water
In mixer bowl combine:
filtered but warmed (to ~95*) water
measured starter

Mix all together.
Knead 5 minutes on speed #1 until it makes a strong dough.

Take out and form into a ball with wet hands. OR take out and knead into a ball on lightly floured counter.

Put into clean lightly oiled jar. Cover loosely.

Leave at room temperature 8-20 hours until it doubles.

Take out of jar and degas it by kneading and folding on floured counter.

Use this starter immediately (very good for loaf breads) or store for later.

Put it in lightly oiled jar and keep in refrigerator for up to 5 days, in which it is a finished starter ready to be mixed into a final dough. Really! After 5 days it is too exhausted to rise bread. Mix fresh for loaf breads.

If you don't use it within a week or two, use as discard (in quick breads) and mix a small amount into a freshly mixed active starter for bread.

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