Coffee Cake - Applesauce 

A soaked whole wheat coffeecake - truly for breakfast. This is the same as the soaked muffin recipe, only baked in cake form.

Bake in:
Two 9 inch square baking pans - bake 50 min
One 9x13 baking pan - bake 75 min
Two 10 inch round baking pans - bake 45 min

Preheat my oven hot then turn down to bake at 350* NOT CONVECTION. The cake needs time for the heat to penetrate slowly for an even rise because the batter is so heavy and dense.

*Give it time and bake until thoroughly done. Use an instant read thermometer and bake until it is fully 190* or a bit more.

**Allow some time to cool because whole wheat baked goods are quite gooey when they are too hot.
Soak Overnight on the counter:
32 oz applesauce
8 oz yogurt
6 oz melted coconut oil or unsalted butter
30 oz whole wheat pastry flour
(The batter is very thick but continue mixing until all the flour is in the batter. Allow time to sit and hydrate then mix again when you have trouble getting it to go in.)

In the morning, whip together then add:
4 eggs
10 oz (1 1/2 c) white cane sugar

Gently but thoroughly stir in:
1 T baking powder
2 t salt (generous, not scant)
2 t baking soda

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