Mashed Potatoes - Fluffed, really 

A lot of potatoes easily, when you can use small to medium sized potatoes.

*And because of the butter, these will chill, freeze, thaw and reheat OK!

25 pounds of potatoes make about 100 1/2-cup servings of mashed potatoes, so one pound of potatoes -- about three average-sized spuds -- makes about four servings.

A half-cup serving is what I would call modest. Consider what else you are serving.
In hotel pan:
fill with washed red or yellow or small brown potatoes
add water just to barely cover the bottom.

Steam 1 hour on convection roast 450* on the middle rack with the lid on.

(if you have to use the lower rack be sure to rotate or don't roast them so hot. They will burn on their skins.)

Poke them all the way through with a paring knife to see if they are very soft. Maybe you'll need to roast another 20 min or so.

When very soft, add:
1 whole lb unsalted butter directly to the hotel pan of potatoes!
Return to the oven to melt the butter.

**This is an important step because I read that the butter coats the starch molecules in the potatoes, which, if you want to add milk keeps the milk from making the potatoes gummy or gluey. The starch is already holding onto the butter and won't absorb the moisture from the milk.

When butter is melted use the paring knife to cut through the potatoes quickly to make their skins into small enough pieces.

Salt to taste and stir, breaking up the potatoes, but also fluffing them, not actually smashing them! I fluff and break up with a flat bottomed pancake turner.

Fluff until all the butter is absorbed.

Leave lid off and let them roast another 20 min or so to really allow the butter to be absorbed.

Now you may want to add heavy cream or whole milk.

Be sure to top them with more butter to prevent a skin from forming. If it does, stir it in before serving.

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