Fruit Cobbler - Crisp topped 

Think of it like a soaked granola-nut topping. We eat it for breakfast - really.

*Apple: Cut into large cubes (they fit better on the fork). Put into glass bowl. Drizzle with lemon juice, and zest if you have it, sprinkle with just a pinch of salt. Let sit together while you cut up the rest of the apples. Stir together and sprinkle lightly with brown sugar (about 2-4 T).

Saute in the cast-iron skillet in more coconut oil just briefly until they release some juice and that juice reduces some.

Top hot fruit with nut mixture and bake about 15 minutes at convection 375*.

*Other fruits to come!
~Crisp topping for 12-inch cast iron skillet:

The night before, or as little as 30-60 minutes before, mix up and soak on the counter:
2 oz milk
1/2 oz yogurt
1 oz whole wheat pastry flour
3.5 oz rolled oats

After the flour has hydrated mix in:
4 oz melted coconut oil
10 oz (2 c) pecans or walnuts
3 oz washed raw sugar
dash of salt

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