Bread - White Flour Crusty Bread 

This dough begins very soft and wet but turns into a spongy ball with the stretch and fold process. Quite delightful to experience!

On baking day -
Remove dough from refrigerator about 2 hours before baking. Work on wet lightly oiled surface to divide the dough!

-This recipe made 3 torpedo shaped loaves which rose and baked on the silpat on a half size baking sheet.
- 2 larger loaves about 21 oz each
-about 18-24 rolls

Be sure to create surface tension to make a tight loaf so that they rise evenly.

Let the shaped dough sit, covered at room temp for 60 minutes. Remove the covering and let it proof an additional 60 minutes.

Heat the oven very hot! 500* for as much as 45 minutes before baking. Heat the stone also if you aren't baking on a sheet. Heat my cast iron pan as well.

Just before baking score the tops. Boil a cup of water. Transfer the bread to the stone or put sheet in oven. Pour in the 1 cup water into the cast iron pan, being careful not to drip on the oven window (cover the window with a towel). Quickly close the oven to keep the steam inside.

Bake 20-30 minutes at convection roast 425. For a very crispy crust turn oven off and leave it in for another 5-10 minutes, less for rolls. Cool at least an hour before slicing otherwise it will be sticky and not done. They really need the cooling process to finish well and keep their rise.

Cool very thoroughly before storing in plastic. These reheat very very well. Just put on the rack at almost any temperature until the crust is crispy again. This is why I make smaller loaves so we eat a whole loaf most of the time.
In Bosch mixer with dough hooks combine:
24 oz Bob's Red Mill Artisan Bread White flour
.5 oz salt (1/2 ounce, don't miss the decimal point)

Whisk together:
18 oz water warmed to 95* with
.25 oz yeast until dissolved.

Add water mixture to the dry ingredients in the mixer bowl.

1 minute on speed #1. Let it rest for
5 minutes. Mix
2 minutes on #1.
Dough should be very sticky. Scrape off the sides so that it will begin to stay together but it will not form a clean ball yet.
1 minute on #2.

This dough should undergo a stretch and fold process. Stretch it with wet hands, tuck it into a ball and put it into an oiled four quart bowl for rising. AND reach under it with a silicone scraper after 10 minutes to stretch and tuck four times, on each side. Do this again a total of 3 times, but be sure it is done within 30 minutes.

Here it becomes a spongy springy ball. Make sure the top is very wet and oiled.

Cover jar and refrigerate overnight or for up to 4 days.

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