Coffee at a Glance 

Well it was a hard decision to put this into breakfast or dessert!

Coffee for FIVE in the larger press (52 oz press):
90 g coffee (#14 on my grinder)
40 oz water
This fills it full.
Heat about 20 oz milk

**My larger press is 52 oz. And I think I get barely 40 oz coffee from it (the rest must be the space the grounds take up and the water to wet them).
My smaller press is 32 oz.

*Two large presses did not fill my 100 ounce zojirushi (about 10-16 c coffee if it were full).

*When filling the zojirushi GRIND THE COFFEE MORE COARSELY since the coffee is dispensed from the bottom, you don't want sediment in it.

*1 commercial pack (2.5 oz or 70g) made delightful not too strong to drink black coffee in my 32 oz (20g) and 52 oz (50g) presses. These together filled my zojirushi three-fourths full.

Maybe try for a milder coffee that can be served black or with half-half:
Larger press with -
70g (#10 on my grinder) coffee
48 oz water
Coffee per serving, as in the aeropress OR as a base recipe for various sized french presses. THIS IS STRONG COFFEE LIKE FOR A LATTE.

15 g coffee
220 g water (very close to 8 oz)

For the aeropress grind as fine as table salt. For the press grind quite coarse but not as coarse as the grinder goes, closer to medium.

Coffee for TWO:
30 g coffee
16 oz water
This only makes enough for a latte style coffee with plenty of milk in it so adjust for black coffee drinkers or make it into Americano style.
Heat about 8 oz milk for lattes.

32 oz water in the smaller press
48 oz water in the bigger press
This is by weight not volume but they are close. Volume is just a bit less.

Coffee for THREE in the smaller press (32 oz press):
50 g coffee (#8 on my grinder)
24 oz water (by weight)
This will fill it to the very top!
Heat about 12 oz milk for lattes

Coffee for FOUR in the larger press:
70 g coffee
32 oz water
This will not fill it.
Heat about 16 oz milk

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