Bread - Basic Whole Wheat 

This recipe made two 28 oz loaves which bake in:

- two 9 inch loaf pans probably bake 45-55 minutes
- 4 small loaf pans probably bake 30-35 minutes
-1/2 this recipe made 8 flatbreads
-1/2 this recipe made 15 TWO ounce rolls in a 9x13 baking pan. You could use more dough because 20 would fit in the pan as well.

Brush tops with egg wash with a little salt added (this makes it taste like it is brushed with butter).

Preheat oven to 500* but bake on convection roast 350*.
In Bosch mixer with dough hooks combine:
32 oz whole wheat flour (Ivory Wheat from Bob's Red Mill)
.75 oz salt (1 heaping T)
3 oz brown sugar, or honey or just white sugar(if using honey add it with the water)

Whisk together: (use 1 qt tall stockpot so you can melt it on the stove and warm the liquids to 95*)
2 oz melted butter or any oil
2 eggs

18 oz water
Warm to 95*

Whisk in:
.35 oz yeast until dissolved.

Add water mixture to the dry ingredients in the mixer bowl.

2 minutes on speed #1. Let it rest for
5 minutes. Mix
2 minutes on #1.
Dough should be very supple and slightly sticky. Scrape off the sides so that it forms a clean ball as it kneads the last part.
Then mix
4 minutes on #2.
Should form a distinct ball, feel strong and very elastic and give you a nice 'windowpane'.

This dough should undergo a stretch and fold process. Stretch it with wet hands, tuck it into a ball and put it into a buttered or oiled one gallon jar for rising. AND take it out after 10 minutes to stretch and tuck again a total of 3 times, but be sure it is done within 30 minutes.

Cover gallon jar and refrigerate overnight or for up to 4 days.

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